Photo Competition Rules 2018

Photography Competition 2018

Official Rules

1. The Competition is open to all members of Boys’ Brigade Wales Companies from age 5 and upwards. Also a new Officers Category has been introduced.

2. Each Member/Officer will be allowed to submit a maximum of 1 picture to the 

3. All photographs must be taken during 1st March and 3rd June 2018, by the named photographer.

4. The theme of the competition is “Blue”.

5. Entries will be split into 3 Categories : Anchors/Juniors, Company/Seniors and Officers.

6. Pictures will be judged in the age range that the photographer was in when the picture was taken.

7. Submissions in digital jpg formats are preferred, with original camera Exif data attached.

8. Digital Pictures must be submitted to the official photo competition email address only :

9. All pictures must be submitted with the name of the photographer, date of birth and BB company details. Officers are required to state ‘officer” on submission as DOB not required.

10. No Photoshopped images will be accepted, only minor adjustments i.e. Brightness, contrast etc.. will be admitted.

11. The Competition will be open for submission until Midnight on Sunday 3rd June 2018. Any submissions received after this dates will be ignored.

12. The shortlist on each category will be judged into 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for that category by an independent judge. The overall winner will only be taken from the 2 Member Categories.

13. The decisions of the Judge are final.

14. All judging will be anonymous – i.e. at no stage will the judge know who the photographer was, or which Company they are from, until after the decisions are made.

15. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Placed photographers in each category will be awarded formal certificates, and the overall winner will also win a Trophy.

16. Winning photographs will be posted on the BB Wales Web Site.

17. Any photograph submitted to the competition maybe be used by BB Wales
for the purposes of publicity of the Boys’ Brigade, although all other rights are retained by the photographer.

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